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Predictability of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

There is a clear industry transformation from guesstimation and vague resemblance of meaningful KPIs to a more scientific approach with measurable results and data analysis.

The ROI of social media marketing campaign is still one of the most difficult factors to predict in digital marketing industry due to highly volatile chain effect.

In essence, each of these steps can potentially cause a butterfly effect and turn your campaign into viral hurricane. Unfortunately, you never know which auction will cause this viral effect or whether it will be triggered at all during your campaign.

Viral side of social media marketing is uncontrollable and can’t be calculated in advance, it’s not reliable and should be considered as a pleasant (and sometimes huge) bonus. Continue reading

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The Role of Blog Comments in Social Media

Blog comments could increase your social reach. If you use one of the plugins that allow users to comment from their Facebook profile, Twitter account or other social networking site, you gain multiple benefits. First, you make it easy for people to comment – that means more comments, more content, and higher interactivity. Second, when people comment through social networks, other people see these comments and may want to share their opinions as well. Continue reading

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Twitter Direct Message: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

The Truth about Twitter DMs

We use Twitter DMs as a valuable component of social media marketing campaigns for all our clients. The information in this article is based on real digital marketing experience and not some cooked up opinionated theory.

Professional version of SocialOomph allows you to easily manage the direct messages of all your Twitter accounts from one console. You can quickly set up auto-DMs to welcome your followers. Continue reading

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