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The Difference Between Social Media Marketing Persona and Buyer Persona

While marketing or buyer persona concentrates exclusively on buyers, the social media marketing persona has a broader task.

The purpose of social media marketing is not only to contribute to immediate and assisted conversions, but also to increase company’s brand awareness and grow online community.

As a result social media marketing personas should include buyer personas with addition of at least two more personas related to social interactions: industry influencer persona and engager persona. Continue reading

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ChaCha Review: Affiliate Program That Does Not Pay

the links I published on twitter accounts most likely were clicked on Facebook, Tumblr, Rebelmouse, etc. I don’t know if Chacha’s TOS allows to publish only on Twitter or on other social networks as well. And quite frankly I don’t care. It’s plain stupid to think that tweet will be published on twitter and won’t get a second life on other channels.

The only valid reason for them to de-activate my account would be if I would click on my own links. And I simply don’t have time for that. Continue reading

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Viral Phenomenon of Super Bowl Commercials

The Difference Between Super Bowl Commercials and other Ads

So why do we see a completely different picture when it comes to Super Bowl Commercials? Those commercials are highly anticipated. People actually watch them instead of hitting the mute button or completely skipping them as they would do with any other advertisement. These commercials are great example of viral branding. They are an epicenter of heated discussions and media buzz. Continue reading

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