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Twitter Direct Message: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

The Truth about Twitter DMs

We use Twitter DMs as a valuable component of social media marketing campaigns for all our clients. The information in this article is based on real digital marketing experience and not some cooked up opinionated theory.

Professional version of SocialOomph allows you to easily manage the direct messages of all your Twitter accounts from one console. You can quickly set up auto-DMs to welcome your followers. Continue reading

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Facebook Timeline: How to Face a Challenge

If your company has a fan page, we have both good and bad news for you.

Bad news: many of the previously effective Facebook marketing strategies are not working anymore, and you have to adapt.

Good news: Though it sounds counter-intuitive, new timeline-centric fan pages can convert more visitors into buyers if they are designed correctly.

Facebook constantly modifies the layout, design and structure of the fan pages making it difficult for companies to keep up. You’ve spent time learning FBML to create custom tabs? Sorry for the bad news, but this time was wasted. Now this knowledge is useless, you have to learn how to create Facebook applications instead.

But Facebook currently has around 850 million users. And it’s still the largest social player.

So if you decide to stick with it, here are a few pointers on improving your fan page in the light of timeline changes.

To get more ideas on How to Use Facebook Timeline, watch Brian Moran’s webinar (no registration is required.) You’ll also get access to a fan page design with 53.1% conversion rate and timeline story-telling formula. Continue reading

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First Social Network with True Profit-Sharing?

Pseudo Profit Sharing in Small Social Communities

You can find tons of small social communities with pseudo profit sharing. The majority of profit is generated from displaying AdSense or similar ads. There is one big problem with this model though – you only share the revenue that is generated through your particular page, and to get any noticeable results, you have to drive your own traffic to those pages.

Wazzub is the new social community that actually is promising to share 50% of its entire revenue with its members. It is going to be a first social community that pays its members. All you have to do is join it during pre-launch phase (launch is scheduled for April 9), and set up the Wazzub as your home page. Continue reading

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