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How to Build Brand Loyalty with Relationship Marketing through Ecommerce

To wow your customers, you should carefully map out the entire road map of their pre-shopping, shopping and post – shopping experiences.

With pre-shopping experience, it’s a good idea to provide some value to customers before asking for their wallet.

Giving them valuable info and discounts through social media or earned channels will get the job done.

Offline shopping process has its own challenges, but this article is mostly concentrating on online shopping.

It’s not that difficult to set up the entire customer-appreciation process if you have the right tools. Continue reading

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The Biggest Mistake about Local Business Marketing That Hurts Local Businesses

Dear local business owners, local business marketing does not have to be provided by someone from your town. Yes, your services are limited to your local area, but the choice of marketing consultants is not.

All this online marketing and new media “stuff” is in the cloud, and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Your social media profiles can be created, optimized, and even managed from any city in the world. The same goes for your website, and your mobile site or app. Continue reading

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Viral Phenomenon of Super Bowl Commercials

The Difference Between Super Bowl Commercials and other Ads

So why do we see a completely different picture when it comes to Super Bowl Commercials? Those commercials are highly anticipated. People actually watch them instead of hitting the mute button or completely skipping them as they would do with any other advertisement. These commercials are great example of viral branding. They are an epicenter of heated discussions and media buzz. Continue reading

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