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Social Media Marketing and Content Distribution

Today your social media marketing campaign won’t be very successful if you try to use only one file format to deliver and distribute your content – say, articles or videos.

Quick development of social media industry leads to a changed perception of the importance of the utilization of various file formats in social media strategies.

Tactile/kinesthetic, auditory, visual and sociological – all those learning styles should be addressed in your social marketing campaigns through specifically crafted messages and different content formats. Continue reading

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SEO, Article Distribuiton and Free Unique Content…

On another hand, there are many tired bloggers who face the challenge each day to come up with quality content, and preferably a unique one at that.

A new service just opened that allows you to both distribute your articles and to acquire unique content for your blogs. And it’s free!

Brad Callen, the owner of this service, even ready to give you $1 for each blog that you register (only for a couple of days).

So go here right now and register fot Unique Content Creation and Distribution Service Continue reading

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SEO, Social Marketing and WordPress Plug-ins

Many people think that if they correctly optimize their blogs and provide a lot of fresh content, then search engines will love them, index them fast, give high position on SERPs and traffic will just start pouring to their blogs.

While this is true to some extent for long tail and low competition keywords, your blog won’t get even close to the amount of traffic it could get by adding social bookmarking to the equation.
Good news is that I found a tool that is capable to do all those things for you. It will create optimized blog with plug-ins that are already pre-installed for you and are tested for compatibility, it will automatically bookmark your posts, it will generate unique content on autopilot, plus create different versions of your content, and split-test them for higher conversions. Plus it will submit your RSS feed to RSS directories. And, if you choose premium option, you’ll have an opportunity to post links to your blog on internal closed network of high-pr blogs.

Curious to take a look at what I’m talking about? Here it Is, just click this link: Firepow Blogging Software. Continue reading

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