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Web-Feed.com on AllTop!

We’re proud to announce that web-feed.com has been recently chosen as a top blog in the Social Media category by Alltop’s Best of the Best!

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Why Web Feed?

web feed syndication (mostly known as RSS 2.0) is an underlying technology for social media platforms and almost anything else you can find in current socially-friendly web environment. When we talk about live feeds, news feeds, podcasts or videocasts, bookmarks or numerous content sharing tools, we essentially refer to different types and formats and uses of web feeds.

RSS 2.0 is a most popular and simple version of RSS, but not the most flexible one. If you want to add some extra flavor and customization, you might need to create the feed yourself.
In this case you should go with either Atom or RSS 1.0.
Yet RSS 1.0 provides the ability not only to utilize existing RSS modules, but also to create your own. Add the compatibility with RDF, and you get an extended functionality of the feed which could be useful for inclusion of custom elements. RSS2.0 on another hand is still pretty rigid, though you can find flexibility within extensions defined with XML Namespaces.

Though RSS feed could be read in XML format, this format is not considered human-friendly. It’s usually parsed by various desktop and web software programs known as RSS readers and is displayed in a human-friendly user interface such as the one provided by web aggregators and desktop readers.

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How to Feed Your Web Feed to Search Engine Spiders

it’s better to fuel initial distribution by submitting your feed through different RSS submission channels.

If you decide to go a paid route, I would recommend you to try FirePow.
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