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Website Usability: Additional Steps to Improve Blog Post Loading Speed

If your blog loading time is below normal then you need to take urgent actions to improve its performance. You don’t want to irritate your visitors. So here are couple things you can do to get your blog loading time back to normal. Initial steps are described in the previous post: “Website Usability: How to Create Optimal Blog Posts from Technical Point of View

Now let’s dig a bit deeper.

It’s better not to use many images and videos in one post. Using 2-3 images or 1-2 videos is perfectly fine, but what if according to your storyline you just have to post 9 videos in one blog post, and there is just no way for 2 videos to tell the whole story?

If you will post all 9 videos in one blog post, and this post ends up at the home page of your blog then your loading time will be terrible. Continue reading

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Midas Touch and Social Media Based, Automatically Created Websites

…about a year ago I called one smart marketer “A Man with a Midas Touch”.
He just released new software product called “Site Profit Bot” that allows you to create a complete web 2.0 website with a few clicks of a button. Continue reading

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