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The Concept of “Real Time” in Online Marketing

Real time response is crucial for reputation management, customer service through social networks and even direct sales. Thoughtful immediate response and proper customer service can mitigate the damage from the negative customer feedback and with a little bit of luck turn that customer into a raving fan. Continue reading

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Social Media Strategies: Categorization, Landing Pages and Conversions

let’s take a closer look at specifics of multi-step social strategies. Such social media strategies concentrate on development of multi-step relation-building channels to increase conversions and ROI.

There are several components that should be properly implemented to ensure the success of a multi-step social strategy. Some of them are more important than others. But there is one component that is absolutely crucial for a success of multi-step social media strategy.
Social media sites are a good addition to your social media strategy but they never should be a key stone of your online presence. (Read Social Networking and Blogging for more details).
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Social Media Marketing and Content Distribution

Today your social media marketing campaign won’t be very successful if you try to use only one file format to deliver and distribute your content – say, articles or videos.

Quick development of social media industry leads to a changed perception of the importance of the utilization of various file formats in social media strategies.

Tactile/kinesthetic, auditory, visual and sociological – all those learning styles should be addressed in your social marketing campaigns through specifically crafted messages and different content formats. Continue reading

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