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The Role of Blog Comments in Social Media

Blog comments could increase your social reach. If you use one of the plugins that allow users to comment from their Facebook profile, Twitter account or other social networking site, you gain multiple benefits. First, you make it easy for people to comment – that means more comments, more content, and higher interactivity. Second, when people comment through social networks, other people see these comments and may want to share their opinions as well. Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing: New Tools for Interactive Communications

There is a plethora of social media monitoring tools for every taste and flavor. They can be used to listen to social conversations and to identify important social reactions that require immediate response.

All these tools differ based on price, quantity and quality of monitored sources, sentiment analysis, data crunching capabilities, and identification of important players in your market (also known as influencers).

While there are tons of tools to monitor social media conversations there are not so many choices in regards to working with your leads.
In fact until recently there were only two options – a signup form tied in with your autoresponder and RSS feed subscription.

Good news: new lead generation option has just arrived. Continue reading

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Social Media as Universal Remote Control

Social media is not just a way to communicate with your friends or market your products or services. Not anymore.

Now we can talk about social media marketing, social media politics, social media research, social media support, social media dating, and many other things.

So what exactly can we do with social media when we have it at our disposal as a universal remote control? The list is really diverse, from marketing to political riots (as recent history taught us).

Your actions will be based on recommendations of people who have a certain relationship with you. Of course you can take a recommendation from a recent follower with a grain of salt since s/he can have an alternative motive. But if the same recommendation comes from many followers, and is echoed by some of your social friends.

Continue reading

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