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Social Media Marketing versus Digital Marketing

While there are a lot of similarities, a job titled “Director of Social Media Marketing” (for example) is much less demanding expertise –wise than a job with a title “Director of Digital Marketing“. It has smaller responsibilities and requires narrower knowledge and experience.

Social media marketing is a term reserved for a relatively young area of online marketing.

Very closely related to social media marketing is social media branding. It also utilizes social media, yet instead of dealing with products and services its main purpose is to grow awareness about the company Continue reading

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Facebook and Facebookish: Introducing “ish” to Social Media

This “ish” concept was born, as an afterthought to my Open Letter to Facebook, as a response to the absolute lack of support from Facebook.

But it could be used in relation to other social media sites as well.

When apple is not entirely green, but has green color in it, we say it’s green-ish, right? Which indicates that the object in question has the hint of a green color in it, yet is far from being entirely green.

Taking this analogy one step further and moving to the general assumptions, we can say that “ish” indicates the presence of certain features in any particular object, but those features in their current state or form are far from perfect.
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