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SEM is Not SEO and SEO is Not SEM

If you look at any major search engine, you see two different types of results displayed on search engine result pages for any popular keyword – paid results and organic results. Organic results are generated based on complex ranking algorithms which differ from search engine to search engine. Rankings for any particular site could be improved through thoughtful and skillful SEO campaigns.

Paid Search Marketing (or Paid Search Optimization, if you prefer) is responsible for the placement and optimization of paid results. Paid results could be displayed not only on SERPs (search engine results pages), but also on any other site that agrees to be a part of search network and displays relevant advertisement. Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing and SEO

SEO experts always try to find a new ways to stay ahead of the crowd, and social networks seemed like a nice way to covertly play a new card in the search engine optimization game. In fact, it appears new area of SEO is on a rise called social SEO.Social media and search engine optimization

Link building through social media otherwise known as social media seo, can be roughly divided into two parts – spreading links through social networks and using social bookmarking sites to bookmark different links and rss feeds.
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People Search: Social Domination in Contemporary SERPs

…the majority of top keywords are not related to super-cool gadgets and uber-hot cars. Those top searches are related to people and social networks.

… 7 out of 10 top searches are related to people searches and social networks, yet again. I don’t divide people-related searches and searches for social networks, because social networks are nothing more and nothing less than different ways for people to communicate with each other…

There are thousands of social networks, and soon there will be millions of them. And each has its own face, each one could be considred a “person” in its own right…

this particular type of searches takes a huge share of any search pie. And of course there are many companies that gladly take a piece of this lucrative action..

One company… gives people (for free) their own small “search engines” targeting different people-related search queries, with 9 built-in income streams.

If you want one of those, you can grab it here: Your Own People Search Engine.
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