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There is No Such Thing as Social Media Marketing!

There is no such thing as SEO. There is no such thing as Online Branding. There is no such thing as PR. I can go on and on.

While a few years ago such statements would be absurd, now we need to look at a bigger picture. All those marketing disciplines still exist, yet they shouldn’t be considered as stand- alone strategies anymore. Continue reading

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SEM is Not SEO and SEO is Not SEM

If you look at any major search engine, you see two different types of results displayed on search engine result pages for any popular keyword – paid results and organic results. Organic results are generated based on complex ranking algorithms which differ from search engine to search engine. Rankings for any particular site could be improved through thoughtful and skillful SEO campaigns.

Paid Search Marketing (or Paid Search Optimization, if you prefer) is responsible for the placement and optimization of paid results. Paid results could be displayed not only on SERPs (search engine results pages), but also on any other site that agrees to be a part of search network and displays relevant advertisement. Continue reading

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Google PageRank Update – Real and Perceived Value of PageRank

Google just rolled out a new update for its pagerank parameter (on June 27 2011). The last Google PageRank update was in January 2011, so it’s been almost 6 months between updates. Until this year pagerank updates were pretty stable – usually you could see a new update every 3-4 months.
GooglePageRank parameter is dedicated to the calculation of different factors related to the authority of your site. In basic terms, it estimates the quantity, quality and relevance of incoming links for your webpages. The higher the PageRank the higher is a probability that the site has some quality backlinks. Continue reading

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