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Twitter Direct Message: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

The Truth about Twitter DMs

We use Twitter DMs as a valuable component of social media marketing campaigns for all our clients. The information in this article is based on real digital marketing experience and not some cooked up opinionated theory.

Professional version of SocialOomph allows you to easily manage the direct messages of all your Twitter accounts from one console. You can quickly set up auto-DMs to welcome your followers. Continue reading

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Social Media as Universal Remote Control

Social media is not just a way to communicate with your friends or market your products or services. Not anymore.

Now we can talk about social media marketing, social media politics, social media research, social media support, social media dating, and many other things.

So what exactly can we do with social media when we have it at our disposal as a universal remote control? The list is really diverse, from marketing to political riots (as recent history taught us).

Your actions will be based on recommendations of people who have a certain relationship with you. Of course you can take a recommendation from a recent follower with a grain of salt since s/he can have an alternative motive. But if the same recommendation comes from many followers, and is echoed by some of your social friends.

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How to Effectively Grow Your Business with Facebook

I will soon release a video course and show to you exactly how it could be done with Twitter.

If you’re interested in early-bird discount, sign up for my newsletter (sign up form is at the right top side of the blog), and I’ll let you know when those videos are available before they are released to the public.

Let’s talk about Facebook, which is the second easiest social network to build relationship with a lot of people and turn them into friends and customers.

…Facebook is a social network that you can’t afford to ignore if you want to build even a remotely significant social media recognition for your company and /or your brand.

Plus, it’s an excellent source of demographically targeted traffic.
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