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First Social Network with True Profit-Sharing?

Pseudo Profit Sharing in Small Social Communities

You can find tons of small social communities with pseudo profit sharing. The majority of profit is generated from displaying AdSense or similar ads. There is one big problem with this model though – you only share the revenue that is generated through your particular page, and to get any noticeable results, you have to drive your own traffic to those pages.

Wazzub is the new social community that actually is promising to share 50% of its entire revenue with its members. It is going to be a first social community that pays its members. All you have to do is join it during pre-launch phase (launch is scheduled for April 9), and set up the Wazzub as your home page. Continue reading

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New Social Trend: Wave of Social Media Networks with Customer Acquisition in Mind

On a wave of economic uncertainty we saw the birth of the whole new type of social media networks and applications focusing on customer acquisition. In other words, those networks and utilities concentrate on helping companies and small businesses to find the qualified leads and their interfaces are specifically built to nurture relationships with potential customers.

In these series of posts we’ll take a look at some of these networks and see how they can help your business.

We won’t be talking here about “the big 3″ social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Facebook) or about Google Plus that grows with such speed that experts begin to question whether Facebook will be able to hold its leading position for long. Continue reading

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Social Media Networks Review: Amplify

There are a lot of different aggregators, and they all pretty much parrot each other in functionality which makes them unworthy of any special attention. Amplify.com was smart enough to find its own unique angle which allowed it to stand out from the crowd.

If you were a blogger who had a hard time to express your idea or message in 140 characters, but still wanted your message to appear on Twitter, you could just write a long post in Amplify, post it and it would be posted to Twitter, Facebook ,Tumblr, Freindfeed and many other social networks. Continue reading

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