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Giving Away 100 Shares of Your Company: Interesting Twist in Marketing

I thought I’ve seen it all – websites that giveaway valuable information for free. Such as e-books, audio and video products (teleseminars, how to guides, webinars, recordings, etc). Sometimes you can get even valuable software for free.

But this sort of giveaway I see for the first time. There’s a new site in pre-launch, and their giving stocks to those who join. No strings attached. No Gimmicks.

Go Grab Your 100 Free Shares until it’s too late!

Update 2013: this offer is over, they don’t give free shares anymore.

But I don’t want to leave you empty-handed. Here is how you can get $20 for free (this is no gimmick, it’s a process, and you have to go through certain steps to get it, click this link for details) Continue reading

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