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Social Media Strategies: Categorization, Landing Pages and Conversions

let’s take a closer look at specifics of multi-step social strategies. Such social media strategies concentrate on development of multi-step relation-building channels to increase conversions and ROI.

There are several components that should be properly implemented to ensure the success of a multi-step social strategy. Some of them are more important than others. But there is one component that is absolutely crucial for a success of multi-step social media strategy.
Social media sites are a good addition to your social media strategy but they never should be a key stone of your online presence. (Read Social Networking and Blogging for more details).
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Social Media as Universal Remote Control

Social media is not just a way to communicate with your friends or market your products or services. Not anymore.

Now we can talk about social media marketing, social media politics, social media research, social media support, social media dating, and many other things.

So what exactly can we do with social media when we have it at our disposal as a universal remote control? The list is really diverse, from marketing to political riots (as recent history taught us).

Your actions will be based on recommendations of people who have a certain relationship with you. Of course you can take a recommendation from a recent follower with a grain of salt since s/he can have an alternative motive. But if the same recommendation comes from many followers, and is echoed by some of your social friends.

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