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Viral Phenomenon of Super Bowl Commercials

The Difference Between Super Bowl Commercials and other Ads

So why do we see a completely different picture when it comes to Super Bowl Commercials? Those commercials are highly anticipated. People actually watch them instead of hitting the mute button or completely skipping them as they would do with any other advertisement. These commercials are great example of viral branding. They are an epicenter of heated discussions and media buzz. Continue reading

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Important Social Bookmarking Rules

…Here is how bookmark exchanges work. You’re a member of the community of bloggers, and you bookmark posts of its members. In exchange they bookmark your posts….
Interested to join such community? Here is one for you: Blog Success.

It’s much cleaner, each bookmark goes from different ip (since it’s coming from different people), the variety of tags and descriptions is better, those people usually have established accounts with social networks, so bookmarking authority is much higher
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