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SEM is Not SEO and SEO is Not SEM

If you look at any major search engine, you see two different types of results displayed on search engine result pages for any popular keyword – paid results and organic results. Organic results are generated based on complex ranking algorithms which differ from search engine to search engine. Rankings for any particular site could be improved through thoughtful and skillful SEO campaigns.

Paid Search Marketing (or Paid Search Optimization, if you prefer) is responsible for the placement and optimization of paid results. Paid results could be displayed not only on SERPs (search engine results pages), but also on any other site that agrees to be a part of search network and displays relevant advertisement. Continue reading

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Should You Learn All You Can about Marketing or Should You Just Copy Successful Campaigns?

You can get access to hundreds of real life, tested campaigns for affiliate marketing. No Joke. You can copy a highly successful campaign, and fire it up in less than an hour.

Even better. When you signup, you get access to a database where you can copy and import ready-to-go adwords campaigns, article promotion recipes, forum signatures and much more. Btw, adwords or any sort of ppc is optional. You don’t have to spend a dime for traffic if you don’t want you. Instead, you can use ready –to-plugin articles, blog responses, tested forum signatures etc. Continue reading

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