Social Media Influence Packages:

What will the societal impacts be?

Below is a detailed description of services and benefits that are included with each package. After you choose the package you want, go to the bottom of this page to order.

*Social Media Consulting Packages*

Online Presence Analysis

Your websites, blogs, social media profiles and video pages are your online properties, your online real estate that has a potential to earn you significant profits. Online publishing is a serious business, not a hobby, and you should treat it accordingly. If you want to be successful online, you have to know what works for your business and what does not work.

We analyze traffic methods you currently use, evaluate the application of social media resources, video sites, etc. We also review the effectiveness of your existing traffic methods. What repeated traffic and traffic re-purposing solutions do you use? How do you track the conversion of your opt-in forms? What is your traffic redirection strategy? How advanced is your traffic re-marketing? Those are just a few of the questions we’ll help you answer during this analysis.

Then we inspect your traffic testing and traffic monitoring tools, since it’s impossible to effectively increase traffic and its conversion rate without proper means.

The last part of this service is a one-on-one call where we share with you the results of this analysis and recommend you a course of action to optimize your traffic and your web presence in general.

Social Media Growth

If you want to manage social media networking by yourself, yet don’t know how to:
• effectively handle your social presence,
• considerably grow the number of followers/fans/friends,
• simultaneously manage multiple networks,
• brand yourself properly online,
• manage your social reputation,
• effectively engage potential customers;
we can help!

Social Media Growth is billed on hourly bases. We’ll show you how to manage your social media presence like big dogs, and how to finally start seeing the results you want. You will have to dedicate some time to learn the ropes of social media management.

Social media consultations are conducted by me (Oleg Ilin) personally, whereas social media management and social branding services are provided by members of my team (under my supervision). My time is extremely limited, so it’s in your best interest to lock your time slot as soon as possible.

*Social Profile Management Packages*

If you don’t have time to post daily updates, interact with your social friends, find new networking friends and fans, monitor your online reputation and do hundreds of other things that are involved in social media management, we can do it for you!

From basic profile maintenance with couple daily updates and friend requests to a full-scale content creation, distribution, managing multiple networks, building your following, and reputation management – we can do it all. Minimum term for Profile Management is 3 months.

Basic Package

If you choose this package, we will post 1-2 status updates per day on Twitter and Facebook page, delete unwanted spam, accept friend requests and will follow back your followers, plus do some basic profile management.

Small Business Package

This package offers all the services of the Basic package, plus you have an option to add YouTube channel that we properly update and market for you (videos should be provided by client). We also assist you with content distribution, audience building & reputation management on Twitter, Facebook page and YouTube.

Business Package

This package offers all the services of the Small Business package, plus you have an option to choose up to 5 social networks (total) that we’ll update for you. We will also help you to create content, and even provide blog maintenance. If you don’t have a blog yet, we can create one for you (for additional one-time fee).

Business Elite Package

This amazing package offers all the services provided for Business package customers, plus you have an option to chose up to 10 social networks (total) that we’ll update for you. Such wide network coverage will help to significantly increase the recognition of your brand and will allow you to leave your competition far behind.

Social Media Domination Package (the price will be determined after initial evaluation)

This is a custom social media management solution that is specifically tailored to your business. We can update your profiles and grow your presence in hundreds of social networks. Features include: audience building, reputation management, content distribution, customer service, blog management, traffic generation, tracking and testing, and more.

There is an additional one-time profile set up fee for each social media maintenance package. What is included in this fee and why do we have to charge it?

There are tons of unanswered messages/DMs, friend requests and other things that clutter your account. Before it could be dealt with effectively, we will need to work with you on developing a clear and concise branding message that you want to deliver through your social networks. Then we’ll have to modify your presence accordingly.

In our experience, most accounts are not ready for a proper social media management right away. Majority of clients who order business or business elite packages only have accounts at Twitter and Facebook. We help them to set up the rest of social media accounts specified for their packages. You will be informed about your set up fee after you choose your social media package.

*Social Media Branding Packages*

If you want to stand out from the crowd, we can design a custom template for your social media sites with branding elements. The price depends on the number of networks, branding elements, etc. Of course it should be in sync with your branding message. So let’s work together on improving your brand first. Ask the details about custom template design during social branding consultation.

Important Note: all graphics, content, videos and other materials for social media branding packages is provided by client. If you need help with any of the above items, we can help you for additional fee.

Facebook “Like” Page Design with 1 custom tab

We can provide up to 4 tabs for an additional fee.

Corporate Facebook “Like” Page

  • Facebook “Like” Page Design
  • Welcome Tab (email optin, welcome video and social icons/links)
  • Add You Tube Video Tab
  • Add Twitter Feed Tab
  • Import any RSS feed of your choice (such as blog feed, news feed, etc)
  • Add Email Opt-in Form to the Wall Tab under your friends box
  • Banner Image (Fan Page Avatar)

Custom Branding for Social Media Sites (with branding elements)

Design and implementation of custom look and branding message for social media networks (excluding Facebook).

All your networks will have the same recognizable branding look. Price varies depending on the number of networks covered.

After you’ve chosen one of the above-mentioned services or packages, click this link to submit a service request.

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