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Who is Twitterati?

I’m not sure about the origin of this world. But even if one can assume that this term originated at, it obviously over-grown the barriers of any particular site and became a noun in English language, just like “Google”.

Everybody sort of understands the meaning of this word yet it remains amazingly vague.

So, what criteria could be used to define this elusive term?
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SEO, Article Distribuiton and Free Unique Content…

On another hand, there are many tired bloggers who face the challenge each day to come up with quality content, and preferably a unique one at that.

A new service just opened that allows you to both distribute your articles and to acquire unique content for your blogs. And it’s free!

Brad Callen, the owner of this service, even ready to give you $1 for each blog that you register (only for a couple of days).

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