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Blog Comments| Content Value and SEO Benefits

…the right and wrong way to write a comment, and why it’s beneficial for a blog visitor to spend a few extra minutes to write a content-rich comment…
Why would you want to write a blog comment, and why spammers spend thousands of dollars on different blog spamming scripts?

There are three main reasons:

1) Quick Site Indexing and Link Discovery
2) High Quality Targeted Web Traffic
3) Potential Benefit of a One-Way Link from the Authority Blog.
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Blogging and Social Networks

…You can blog with micro-blogs, status updates, or full-blown articles. Your blog can contain audio files (podcasting) or video files (vlogging, short for video blogging). Or it could be a combination of all the above mentioned types, and then some…
Just remember to funnel all this traffic to your own blogs. Otherwise you’re building a sand castle –something stunning but very fragile. And that’s not the way you want to grow your business, is it?

If you want to find out how to effectively use social networks to grow your business, just sign up to my Social Marketing Secrets.

If you want to master a second part of the equation and to learn how to make money blogging, then look at the new blogging method created by Jack Humphrey.

He created a system that could be used even by people who never blogged before, or by those who never see a monetary return on their blogging. Just click this link to discover how to make over $9000 a month with just 10 blogs Continue reading

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The Leadership in Social Networks (part 1)

…Did I find some magic bullets? Do I practice technological voodoo? Do I implement black-hat SEO tricks?

You need to have your own voice, something that differentiate you from the crowd and that makes your followers to pay attention to your tweets in the ever-growing noise of main Twitter stream.
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