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Midas Touch and Social Media Based, Automatically Created Websites

…about a year ago I called one smart marketer “A Man with a Midas Touch”.
He just released new software product called “Site Profit Bot” that allows you to create a complete web 2.0 website with a few clicks of a button. Continue reading

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New FTC regulations and Effective Trigger of Buzz Marketing

Disclaimers lately became both a fashionable marketing trend and a buzz-word extraordinaire, simultaneously triggering the reaction of the two most important elements of the buzz marketing.

FTC says that regulations affect you only if you live in the US or promote your products and services to the US market. In reality, if you’re on the Internet, and are promoting something on your website, chances are pretty big that sooner or later somebody from the US will find it and buy it.

Go to AutoWebLawPro now, download all the legal documents you need, and put them immediately on your sites. Continue reading

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The Right Way to Present Your Links to the Social Community…

.. it becomes obvious that popularity of short messages and their corresponding delivery formats (such as mini-blogs) are not going anywhere. They are staying for a long term, and, if anything, they might only get shorter.

There are many online services that offer url-shortening…
Yet they all lack one very significant benefit. They don’t reward you with additional traffic… Continue reading

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