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Twitter and Facebook – Two Rulers of Contemporary Social Networking

Facebook and twitter are social marketing and networking wonders that everybody is talking about. Facebook definitely won it’s share of social market by introducing an easy way for people to share their photos with family and friends and the rest of the world. Sure, sure, it’s much more to facebook than just sharing photos. But INMHO, this particular service was the beginning of the viral avalanche for facebook.

And for twitter – I don’t really know what served as an acceleration momentum that launched this micro-blogging platform in the stratosphere.

May be the fact that 140 characters is much quicker to type than your usual blog post. But yet again, on your own blog you’re not really restricted by the post site. You can make your posts as short as 100 characters if you want. Continue reading

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PPC Blueprint Can Make Your PPC Marketing a Lot Easier

A few years ago the PPC game was a walk in the park. Not anymore. Today I’ll show you how to successfully play the PPC game and be profitable in your PPC campaigns from the beginning. Even though PPC rules are much more strict now. If you want to jump to it right now, just click this link: PPC Blueprint for Successful PPC Campaigns Revealed.

But first, let me give you a brief overview of major challenges that currently stand as the main roadblock for many PPC marketers, and some possible solutions to those challenges. Then you will be better prepared to integrate in your business the ideas found in PPC Bully Blueprint. Continue reading

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Hundred Thousands Articles, SEO and Content Re-purposing…

if you have enough unique content, you can easily create pages on all those high-ranking social networks, and link them to your site. There is nothing wrong with this approach. It’s beneficial for the readers to see the reference to additional resources on the topic they are interested in.

And since your site happened to have more additional info on that particular topic, search engines will reward you for relevancy. This is an absolutely white-hat method.

There is a little problem though. You will have to have tons of new content, thousands of articles to make it work. And it’s not easy to find many articles on short notice. Continue reading

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