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Should You Learn All You Can about Marketing or Should You Just Copy Successful Campaigns?

You can get access to hundreds of real life, tested campaigns for affiliate marketing. No Joke. You can copy a highly successful campaign, and fire it up in less than an hour.

Even better. When you signup, you get access to a database where you can copy and import ready-to-go adwords campaigns, article promotion recipes, forum signatures and much more. Btw, adwords or any sort of ppc is optional. You don’t have to spend a dime for traffic if you don’t want you. Instead, you can use ready –to-plugin articles, blog responses, tested forum signatures etc. Continue reading

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Twitter: How to Increase Yor Followers on Auto-Pilot and Make Sure Cheaters are Caught

Twitter is a great communication and marketing platform. However, as with every tool that can offer significant marketing advantages, it has people who tries to cheat. Of course you shouldn’t follow everyone, that’s just plain stupid. There are many spam … Continue reading

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Giving Away 100 Shares of Your Company: Interesting Twist in Marketing

I thought I’ve seen it all – websites that giveaway valuable information for free. Such as e-books, audio and video products (teleseminars, how to guides, webinars, recordings, etc). Sometimes you can get even valuable software for free.

But this sort of giveaway I see for the first time. There’s a new site in pre-launch, and their giving stocks to those who join. No strings attached. No Gimmicks.

Go Grab Your 100 Free Shares until it’s too late!

Update 2013: this offer is over, they don’t give free shares anymore.

But I don’t want to leave you empty-handed. Here is how you can get $20 for free (this is no gimmick, it’s a process, and you have to go through certain steps to get it, click this link for details) Continue reading

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