There is No Such Thing as Social Media Marketing!

social media marketing and seoThis title is a bit of exaggeration, but it sure got your attention, right? Let’s continue.

There is no such thing as SEO. There is no such thing as Online Branding. There is no such thing as PR. I can go on and on.

While a few years ago such statements would be absurd, now we need to look at a bigger picture. All those marketing disciplines still exist, yet they shouldn’t be considered as stand- alone strategies anymore. They all are a part of digital marketing, and can be effective only when working together.

Let’s review a few examples.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

Google states that social signals are not important factor in gaining first page position in SERP. It’s a myth. There is no correlation between strong social signals and rankings. While this may or may not be true (I would advise you to take official statements with a grain of salt), the fact is social signals do impact SEO, at least from the indexing point of view.

If search spiders do not “live” on your client’s site, and only visit it occasionally, the easiest way to get new page indexed within minutes is to reference it from influential social media account (doesn’t matter whether it’s Twitter or Facebook). This is not a theory. We’ve done it thousands times.

PR (public relations) and SEO

You might wander what public relations have to do with SEO. Until recently there was a clear sequence – SEO experts helped to optimize press-releases to rank better in SERPs, then after a mass-distribution through PR aggregators, those press-releases generated a massive array of inbound key-word targeted links which helped the overall ranking of a site and specific pages.

Theoretically both departments could work as stand-alone units without the necessity to be in constant contact with each other. Not anymore.

Enter the era of Google penguins otherwise known as killers of duplicate content. Google frowns upon massive press-release distribution that generates a lot of duplicate content. And while it might benefit your company from PR perspective, there is a good chance your search rankings will be negatively affected at the same time. Today press-release creation and distribution requires a careful balancing between PR objectives and the realities of search ranking.

Social Media Marketing and Public Relations

While PR department doesn’t have to collaborate with SM department during the development of PR campaigns, PR advertising and branding dollar will stretch much further if these campaigns are coordinated and supported by related social media activities.

If you’re seasoned marketing executive, I am sure you can easily think of at least dozen examples that support this point of view. Your comments are welcome.

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