The Difference Between Social Media Marketing Persona and Buyer Persona

The Difference between Social media Marketing Personas and Buyer PersonasBuyer Persona or Marketing Persona

It’s important for companies to create buyer personas in order to fine-tune marketing message, diversify and improve sales channels, and create supporting content marketing strategies. Personas can help company to boost the overall results of online marketing campaigns.

Marketing or buyer persona is a schematic profile of the specific segment of company’s buyers that share the same or similar demographic data, job responsibilities, goals and challenges, etc.

Depending on the segmentation dynamics of a particular industry it could be required to create anywhere from 3 to 5 buyer profiles which serve as a detailed representation of company’s customers. Each profile is developed to better understand needs, wants, desires, fears and values of the specific group of customers with common traits. To make personas more effective, they are often portrayed as real people with pictures, names, genders, household incomes, certain number of kids, education, etc.

Buyer personas are created to better understand buyers, personalize marketing, branding and customer service experience and ultimately increase revenue by offering products that better suits the needs of particular buyer markets.

Social Media Marketing Persona

While marketing or buyer persona concentrates exclusively on buyers, the social media marketing persona has a broader task.

The purpose of social media marketing is not only to contribute to immediate and assisted conversions, but also to increase company’s brand awareness and grow online community.

As a result social media marketing personas should include buyer personas with addition of at least two more personas related to social interactions: industry influencer persona and engager persona.

Both are crucial for the success of social media marketing campaigns. Influencers can help to quickly build brand awareness and engagers are the core of your online community.

It’s crucial to develop such personas, because they can help you to discover the venues and social networks where each group is the most active.

Social Media Marketing Personas and Social Tribes

While developing influencer and engager personas it’s helpful to also identify social tribes that these personas might belong to. Social tribes have their own highly developed hierarchy and diligent tribal  research can reveal other hidden sources of influencers and engagers that are not evident from the main stream.

The definitions are still evolving for both social tribes and social media marketing personas. Yet even now it’s obvious that the best results could be achieved by thoroughly analyzing and applying both.

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