ChaCha Review: Affiliate Program That Does Not Pay

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I am writing a book on How to use Twitter to Build Your Influence and Earn Money at the same time.

The purpose of this book is to show how people can start building their influence and grow income on Twitter even if they have no technical skills or marketing knowledge and start their Twitter journey from scratch. And I only write about personally tested monetization techniques.

It’s easy to earn money on Twitter if you know how to properly develop a marketing funnel – that is, you know how to build, test and optimize landing pages, how to set up autoresponders, create effective email marketing campaigns and nurture your subscribers, how to invoke curiosity from your twitter followers, how to send them to your landing page without being too salesy, etc.

However such method hardly fits the definition “no technical skills or marketing knowledge”, so I had to think about alternative monetizing techniques that could be used virtually by anyone.
One way to generate income from your twitter account without learning extra skills is to join paid for tweet programs where people get be paid for tweeting information about products advertised by other companies.

For example, here is one pay per tweet program that works (it’s not ideal, has its short comings, but you can make money with it, I was paid hundreds times).

Chacha (in theory) is another pay per tweet affiliate programs. They provide tweets, you post them, and you get paid for clicks generated from your tweets.

Before joining I had plenty of red flags that alarmed me about Chacha’s questionable integrity.

ChaCha Guide Scam: Text the Number

Apparently before jumping into pay per tweet wagon Chacha was already running a text to number program. Essentially someone could text a question to a number provided by Chacha and some people would provide answers to those questions and (in theory) get paid a few cents for that. Those people were called “Chacha Guides”. In practice people were scammed even out of these paltry earnings.

Here are a few references from, and for those who want to read more about this Chacha guide scam:

ChaCha: Work for them for years. Suddenly deactivated. Cannot receive money earned.

ChaCha Complaints & Reviews – Fraud and scam.

Cha Cha Guide – Scam? Worthwhile?

Some are saying Chacha is scam, others that is is legit, but there are more than enough bad reviews to get cautious.

Here is a feedback from the guy who tried to use Chacha affiliate program and got scammed:

ChaCha Affiliates Suspend My Account To Avoid Paying Me? What do I do?

So there were plenty of red flags but I was determined to find as many pay per tweet programs as possible to make it easier for my readers to earn money on Twitter virtually from scratch.

So I decided to give ChaCha affiliate program a try anyway.

Chacha Affiliate Program

I applied, got accepted, and logged in to see what they can offer. They had plenty of offers to publish to start earning on a pay per click bases. has a sister site and they seem to run this “operation” together.

Anyway, I began tweeting offers through multiple twitter accounts, and soon was close to their payment threshold. My main goal was to make sure that this program can be used to make money and most importantly paid promptly.

Chacha prices are lower than the prices of competing pay per tweet programs and threshold is much higher, so I decided that I would only suggest it to my readers as additional pay per tweet revenue stream.

Here comes an interesting part. A few days ago I tried to login to my ChaCha affiliate account, and was unable to do so. I haven’t received any email or notification that my account was deactivated, I just can’t login anymore. Surprise! (Not really).

I knew that it was a common practice to de-activate guide’s accounts without any explanation (or payment), but I could not believe that it happened to me.

When info is twitted on my twitter account, tweet is simultaneously re-published on many other social networks and is mass-distributed in a blogosphere.

So the links I published on twitter accounts most likely were clicked on Facebook, Tumblr, Rebelmouse, etc. I don’t know if Chacha’s TOS allows to publish only on Twitter or on other social networks as well. And quite frankly I don’t care. It’s plain stupid to think that tweet will be published on twitter and won’t get a second life on other channels.

The only valid reason for them to de-activate my account would be if I would click on my own links. And I simply don’t have time for that.

I always give people and companies a benefit of a doubt before publishing a negative feedback. The reason is quite simple. If an average person screams about company’s wrong-doing, he might be heard by a few people.

When I release new information, it gets re-tweeted and shared many times, re-published or referenced on hundreds of blogs, and may very well mean a reputation management nightmare for a company in question.

So I emailed Chacha, said it seemed my account was deactivated, and asked for explanation. Their answer? None.

So now you’re reading this article. There is a good chance it will end up on a first page of Google for keywords “chacha affiliate program review”, “chacha affiliate program scam“, “chacha affiliate program” or may be even “chacha”.

Well, they had their chance to correct the situation and they didn’t use it. Just another example of company under-estimating the power of social influence…

It seems many people suffered from Chacha scams. The amount I earned (and did not receive) is too insignificant for me to start legal actions against this company. But if a class action lawsuit will be filed, I will certainly participate.

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One Response to ChaCha Review: Affiliate Program That Does Not Pay

  1. Austin says:

    I used to be a guide for ChaCha until they lowered what they paid for answers. Last time I worked for them it was down to .02 cents per question you answered. Like $1 – 3 dollars per hour.

    Don’t waste your time.

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