Social Media Influencers: 9 Creative Ideas to Attract Their Attention.

Social Media Influence
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If you have an account on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace or any other social network, you probably noticed that you can get a big boost for your business, both in sales and traffic, if you attract the attention of the influencers of that network.

By influencers I mean network users with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands followers/ fans (the term varies depending on the particular network).

Of course big following by itself is not a sufficient parameter for identifying influential networkers. Influence is also measured by the quality and quantity of responses triggered as a result of calls to actions executed by influencer.

According to Fast Company, I am among 1% of the most influential people on the Internet in 2010.

So let me share with you a few ideas that will help you to get attention of the influencers:

  • Include their blog/site in a blogroll of one of your established sites, or at least link to their post and let them know you did this.
  • If you have a paid service that could help influencers in their line of work. Ask them if they would be interested to use it, and if yes – create an account for them – of course, at no charge.
  • Retweet their tweets, “like” their posts in Facebook and other social networks, leave comments on their posts and do other similar sharing activities.
  • Recommend them to your followers and social friends.
  • Bookmark their content through social bookmarking sites, and let them know about it.
  • Let them know when you found a typo on their blogs/landing pages, in their DMs, messages, etc.
  • Ask them how you can help with their business and when they respond, actually help them.
  • Strike a meaningful conversation (without promoting your stuff).
  • When joining them/following them, write a personal welcome message or join request.

This was just a brief overview of actions that can help you to get an influencer to notice you.

Now let’s dig in a little deeper and see how each of these ideas can work in real life.

“Include their blog/site in a blogroll…”

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If you have a regularly updated blog with good content and you put a link in your blogroll to influencers blog, you sure will get his /her attention. Just don’t forget to reply and mention that you did this.

“If you have a paid service that could help influencers…”

If you know that your service will help influencers to get additional exposure to their business or it will simplify their workflow, you can offer them a membership.

They probably receive a lot of similar offers, so it’s a long shot, but it’s worth a try. And if they do accept your offer, it’s likely that they mention it to their followers.

Btw, sorry @dannywhitehouse that your idea with RT exchanges on Twitter didn’t work out. But don’t give up. I’m sure you’ll create a lot of other great services.

“Retweet their tweets…”

When you retweet (RT) a message posted by an influencer, your Rt shows up in his/her timeline. Of course, many people RT such messages but if you do it again and again, you will sure get noticed.

Extra points are given when you RT a message that references a post on influencer’s site/blog or when you RT a tweet that influncer specifically asked to retweet.

Here is a recent example from real life. Several people just retweeted one of my tweets where I shared an interesting article I found on the web. But when I asked them to retweet a specific tweet whose RT will benefit my business, only one twitterer did that – @bantubophela. Now who do you think got my attention?

“Recommend them to your followers…”

When you recommend an influencer to your followers, you appear in his/her timeline (on Twitter) or are noticed through other features in different social networks (Wall on Facebook, etc).

On Twitter there is also a very popular feature called “Follow Friday”. It’s a method to recommend your favorite twitterer to Twitter . All you do is send a reply to a twitterer and include #FollowFriday or #FF hashtag in your message. Twitter notices such messages, and recommend “hashtagged” people to other twitter users.

And I want to take an opportunity to thank awesome twitterers who regularly recommend me to #FF: @elocio, @tapioniskanen, @twindowpane, @c_tompkins

“Bookmark their content through social bookmarking sites…”

This idea is self-explanatory. If you take time to bookmark one of influencers’ posts on a few dozen (or so) social bookmarking sites, it sure will get you noticed. Just don’t forget to mention this good deed to a person you’re doing it for.

“Let them know when you found a typo on their blogs…”

We’re all humans. So mistakes and typos are unavoidable. And it’s very helpful when your social friends tactfully indicate when something should be corrected. I had several people who helped me that way and I feel bad that I don’t remember their twitter handles…

“Ask them how you can help with their business…”

It’s quite simple. Everyone who is running online business could use an extra hand. And if you’re an expert in any field – designer, writer, marketer, pr specialist, etc. ask how you can help. And –very important –actually do what you’re volunteered to do.

“Strike a meaningful conversation…“

“Meaningful conversation” means sharing your thoughts and ideas about the topic of interest. It doesn’t mean trying to shove your url down influencer’s throat.
If you have valid arguments, provoking thoughts, useful tips then you’ll get noticed. Of course it doesn’t hurt to participate in other attention-driven methods mentioned earlier as well.

Here are few good conversationalists on Twitter: @DavidBullock, @nicheprof, @bernardtmartin, @wileyccoyote

Ok, now the last point:

“When …following them, write a personal welcome message or join request”
Many people who follow me on Twitter, ask me to accept their friend request on Facebook or Linkedin or join them as a firend on other social networks make one big mistake.

They just send auto DM (direct message) or a standard friend request. There are no personal details in such requests whatsoever. No wonder that I ignore thousands of such requests.

If you include a name of a person and a reason why do you want to become his/her friend on a particular network, this one simple step exponentially increases chances for your friend request to be accepted.

Now you know how to get attention of influencers, so go get them. Good luck!
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6 Responses to Social Media Influencers: 9 Creative Ideas to Attract Their Attention.

  1. You make some great points here.

    Also, thanks for mentioning my humble post! Much appreciated.

  2. Oleg, thank you for the mention in your blog post. With such an impressive following, I appreciate you listing me as a "good conversationalist on Twitter." Cheers to you. :)

  3. Eric Brooks says:

    Good stuff! It's the formula I have followed for years.

    Imagine shining a spotlight on 100 people, and then getting 100 spotlights shined on you back. It's all just common sense. The web runs on mutual reciprocation.

  4. A2ETO Blog says:

    Whats up are using WordPress for your blog platform? I’m new to the blog

    world but I’m trying to get started and set

    up my own. Do you require any coding expertise to make your own blog?

    Any help would be really appreciated!

    • onlinepro says:

      WordPress is our blog platform of choice for many reasons.

      1) It has numerous plugins that can help you to easily turn your blog into CRM (content management system)

      2) it’s easy to market, with abundance of SEO and social distribution plugins

      3) it’s constantly updated to address possible security holes, etc.

      Coding experience is not required. Although if you want to change things on a deeper level, knowledge of php,mysql and css is desirable

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