Twitter: How to Increase Yor Followers on Auto-Pilot and Make Sure Cheaters are Caught

Twitter is a great communication and marketing platform. However, as with every tool that can offer significant marketing advantages, it has people who tries to cheat.

Of course you shouldn’t follow everyone, that’s just plain stupid. There are many spam accounts with no faces, no updates and no fresh and useful content. If you’re following them, you’re not helping people who decided to follow you and see what you have to say.

So, you should be picky about who you follow on Twitter, but if they have something of value to offer, some good content or fresh and innovative ideas, you follow them. If they followed you back, then you’re helping each other to grow your networks. Which is great.

But lately I noticed that some people are just following you in order to get you to follow them, and then they unfollow you. This pissed me off. So I started looking for the solution how to automatically catch those who tries to play unfair, and un-follow them the same second they try to un-follow you.

Great News! I found the solution!

There are two programs Tweetadder and Twitter Hummingbird, they both automatically track your followers, and automatically unfollow those who tries to cheat. Plus it has many more options to help you grow your folowers, mange multiple accounts, etc.

There are certain differences between those two programs, and will talk about those differences in later posts. For now just grab one of them and start building your following.

Don’t forget to strictly follow Twitter rules on allowed number of followers per day. Be careful, and soon you will see how skyrockets your twitter following.

If you’re on twitter (and you should be if you you any type of online business), check it out. It can help you tremendously  while saving you both time and money.

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